• All our products are made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel unless specifically noted otherwise. This type of steel is both strong and very shiny! Commonly used in body piercings and other quality jewelry products, it offers low allergy reactions and doesn't tarnish easily.
  • Gold products are plated with Real 18K Gold, using a high quality electroplating process that means it doesn't rub or flake away easily.
  • Other materials will be stated in the description.
  • For graphical charms, pendants and rings, the clear dome is a shatterproof liquid glass-like material that is applied by hand with tender loving care by moms in the USA! We do not use any paper or stickers to place designs onto our products

Allergy Concerns:

  • While all stainless steels contain some nickel for durability and scratch resistance, our high quality 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel contains very little. 
  • We have never had a customer have a reaction.
  • If you are very concerned, simply order one of our 18K Gold Plated items which will put a barrier between the steel and skin and give no reactions.


Our jewelry is made to be worn in most environments. Go swimming, take a shower, do the dishes (we're not nagging, really! ;), just be sure to follow the care instructions afterwards.

  • If your jewelry becomes dirty or tarnished in some way, clean it using plain soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Before storing your jewelry, make sure it's fully dry and is not stored in a moist environment.
  • When storing, avoid mixing it among other jewelry, as the tarnish on other pieces may spread and damage this item.
  • While wearing, avoid exposure to chemicals (including cleaning agents), and avoid wearing in environments where the item may be hit or abraded.


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